7 tips from professionals for self-transportation of furniture

May 8, 2023

It is not easy to transport furniture and not scratch it during the transportation process. It’s hard to disassemble, and even harder to pack. It is inconvenient to take out, load, and collect back – just hard labor.

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It is advisable to disassemble furniture, even if you really don’t want to. Disassembled into parts, it will definitely be able to survive shaking on domestic roads, but from a whole state it can turn into an assembly of rotten boards.
If suddenly there is absolutely no way to disassemble, remove the maximum fittings, and drag the doors themselves with carpentry tape.
You need to start with preparatory work. You should stock up on various tools, depending on what material and spare parts you have to work with. Carefully disassemble the furniture into stacks of parts and mark them.
Next comes the packaging. It is necessary to protect not only from mechanical damage, but also from dust. If the car is not covered – and from moisture. Anything happens, the rain sometimes does not listen to weather forecasters. Stock up on boxes of various sizes, cardboard, a few rolls of construction tape, and stretch film that will fit even irregularly shaped items.
The most painful place for furniture during transportation is the corners. They need extra protection. Cardboard, polystyrene, a couple of layers of bubble wrap will save the look of your apartment or office.
The hardest thing is dealing with antiques. He practically does not understand, with the exception of accessories. It is necessary to pack everything in several layers, take it out carefully, after loading – fix it with special devices.
If, in the presence of free time and desire, you can diligently spoil your nerves and transport ordinary furniture yourself, then it is highly recommended to trust antique furniture only to experienced professionals. At the same time, in the contract, separately note the value of the furniture and the requirements for its transportation.

In general, it is much easier to transport furniture with the help of a moving company. Experienced movers quickly dismantle the furniture, carefully pack it, take it out, transport it and arrange it in the order you need. After all, even such trifles as packaging material will have to be sought and collected, not to mention a suitable car.