Pallets and racking

March 20, 2023

Ever since pallets came into vogue for decorating country or loft-style home interiors, many have appreciated their convenience. From pallets, you can build not only a home bed, but also, for example, country furniture or a podium in a workshop. The material is absolutely environmentally friendly and super-susceptible to modifications – you can saw, paint, invent.

But the original version of the pallet is a rectangular structure 800×1200 cm with three bases. The pallet weighs 15 kilograms, and its carrying capacity is up to a ton.

Pallets are used to store things of any size and weight – there are almost no restrictions. At the same time, the main advantage of pallets is revealed when stored on racks – you do not depend on the floor area, since with the help of a special loader you can install a high rack and store 5-10 times more things. Remember your bookcase at home: if you pull out all the books and try to store them on the floor, you will hardly have enough space, but everything fits in height.