Ready for the Big Move? A Starter Guide for Students and Young Professionals

November 6, 2023

Alright, so you’ve tossed the graduation cap, or you’re starting that shiny new job – congrats! Now comes the part that’s a mix of adulting and adventure: your first big move. Whether you’re headed to college, grad school, or diving into the work world, here’s a no-stress guide to make that move with as smooth as your transition into the real world should be.

Get Your Priorities Straight
Before you pack a single box, think about what you actually need. That life-sized poster of your favorite band? Maybe. Your collection of vintage teacups? Probably not. Make a list of essentials – think clothes, computer, important documents, and a few comforts from home to stave off the homesickness.

Budget Like a Boss
Moving isn’t cheap, but with a little financial savvy, it won’t break the bank. Start by figuring out the costs: moving supplies, truck or mover fees, travel expenses, deposits for your new place, and an emergency fund for those just-in-case scenarios.

Pack Smart
You don’t need to take your entire life with you. Pack the must-haves and remember, less is more when you’re moving into a dorm or a small apartment. Use clothes and towels to wrap fragile items – it saves on bubble wrap and makes unpacking a breeze.

Say Hello to Your New Home
Before you move, scope out your new area. Know where the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, and yes, coffee shop are located. Feeling like a local will help ease the transition.

Moving Day Game Plan
Have a plan for moving day. Know when you’re getting the keys, when the movers are showing up, and have a clear idea of where everything goes in your new space. Keep important stuff with you – like your ID, important documents, and maybe a toothbrush and change of clothes.

First Day Fun
Unpack the essentials first, but then take a break. Explore your new neighborhood, order some food, and relax. You’ve earned it.

Settling In
Over the first few weeks, take time to make your space feel like home. Hang pictures, arrange your furniture, and maybe throw a small get-together to meet new people.

Remember, moving is more of a marathon than a sprint. Take it one step at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself if everything isn’t perfect right away. This is your first step into a larger world, and it’s going to be great. Welcome to your new adventure!