April 1, 2023

Moving with requires more than just protective materials to line inside containers. You also need to find the containers themselves. If you don’t want to exceed your moving budget by buying new boxes and crates, then reuse the following:

Sturdy cardboard boxes. Use only fully intact, heavy-duty cartons. Boxes with cuts, rips, slits, or water damage may fall apart during the move.
Boxes for toys. Turn your child’s old plastic toy box into a moving box. But avoid anything that is worn, damaged or cracked, has no lid, is covered in debris, or is made of wood.
Old food containers. Wash and dry these containers thoroughly. Use them to wrap jewelry, knick-knacks, kitchen utensils, crafting materials, or small items.
If you don’t have boxes, crates, or containers at home, ask friends and family. Reusing containers will help reduce landfill waste and protect the planet.