Storage in the 21st century – why it matters

March 20, 2023

Even some 20-30 years ago, we would not have thought that things could be stored somewhere other than at home. Our parents look with surprise at the boxes that the movers take directly from home: we have to explain that this is a modern service. Moreover, a service of such necessity as food delivery or online shopping.

Life has changed: after all, in the 80s and 90s, everyone had the same furniture and not to say that there was a lot of it. A VCR is a luxury and often not yours, but a neighbor’s. And there were just enough clothes to fit in one closet. Let’s end the nostalgia for the dashing 90s: there was no need to store something outside the home, simply because we did not have as many things as we do now. But in the 2000s, marketing broke into our homes, and with it a huge number of things: clothes, furniture, gadgets, dishes for every taste and color.

Things have simplified and diversified our lives, but they have taken an expensive price for this: a place in our homes. Things must not only be cleaned, repaired, maintained, but also stored, and at the same time, apartments do not become larger over the years. Therefore, now it is rather strange to see how we are trying to fit in a room that was previously intended for a bed, a desk and a bookcase, all the benefits of civilization – a huge plasma panel, some kind of exercise bike, a smart air humidifier, an ergonomic table, a trendy massage mat … On in fact, the list is endless, but you perfectly understand the scope of this catastrophe!

That is why special storage services have appeared relatively recently, where you can store some things and take them out only when you need them. Services originally appeared in America, where it is not customary to leave furniture when moving – all houses are rented empty. But do things need to be stored somewhere? Then this option became popular for seasonal items, as well as for various life situations – repairs, business trips, etc. Now you don’t have to ask your friends to keep a couple of suitcases with you.

Do not worry – precisely because things are stored in a modern warehouse in accordance with all the rules and this is much more correct than on a balcony, in a stuffy pantry, in the basement of a house, garage or in the country in winter.