What storage systems are used in the pantry

March 20, 2023

Storage rooms are different both in area (large and small) and in shape (for example, a sloping ceiling or an irregular shape). We list several storage systems that will help you organize the storage of things in any pantry.

1. Shelving
A storage rack in the pantry is simply necessary – it simultaneously stores things and zones the space. Open storage in shelving can be made more closed by adding boxes with lids to the shelves, which will store things that need cleanliness (electronics, gadgets, fabrics, shoes).

2. Hanging shelves
Shelves for storage in the pantry, including corner ones, will help you store cans with preservation, tools, books – most importantly, do not forget about consistency (by color, by size, by purpose) to make it easier to find a thing.

3. Shelf dividers
The pantry is often used to store clothes – we hang large ones on a hanger, but small ones? It can be folded according to the Marie Kondo method and stored using dividers either on shelves or in a drawer.

4. Baskets
This refers to both ordinary baskets and hinged metal ones. They will help create a beautiful and eco-friendly storage system. For a pantry in an apartment, sometimes there is not enough comfort, because they don’t live in this room, and baskets will help not only store things, but also create a visually pleasing picture.

5. Boxes
The pantry is often used for storing tools. To protect them from dust, it is better to purchase special boxes for tools and small parts.

6. Containers
Storage in a small pantry will be more convenient if you buy containers with lids and stack them on top of each other. Also do not forget to sign with stickers, what’s inside.

7. Organizers
Storing shoes in the closet can be very ergonomic thanks to wall organizers. Organizers can also be plastic – these are suitable for small accessories, nails, needlework, stationery.